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“PIVOTAL MOMENTS 64” is the remarkable life story of a young boy and man from a small town in Kansas.

Phil Morrison in 1963, at the age of 17 joins the Navy to be with his brother in Fighter Squadron VF-51. The commander of VF-51 then was Commander James Bond Stockdale.

Commander Stockdale would go on to be a P.O.W., and to earn the nation’s highest honor, the “Congressional Medal Of Honor”.

Stockdale would retire with the rank of Vice Admiral and be buried at Annapolis upon his passing in 2005.

Commander Stockdale and Phil Morrison would share some unique experiences including a “Night in History” leading up to the escalation of the Vietnam war.

Phil and then Vice Admiral Stockdale would be in contact with each other again in 1992 when Stockdale would be selected as an “Interim VP Running Mate” for Ross Perot’s run for the presidency.

Phil would deploy with VF-51 aboard the U.S.S. TICONDEROGA CVA-14 for two Vietnam era cruises. On the 65-66 cruise Phil's Avionics Officer would be Lt. Commander Ronald Evans. Evans would go on to be an Apollo Astronaut.

"Join or relive the 1964 & 65-66 Vietnam war era Westpac Cruises on the USS Ticonderoga CVA-14 through the eyes of a young man from Kansas as he steps into history."

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"James Bond Stockdale II son of Vice Admiral Stockdale
and Phil Morrison AE3- VF-51
co-speakers on CVA-14 night USS Ticonderoga 40th Reunion Washington DC.

HERE to watch a clip from James Bond Stockdale II Speech May 28, 2011

HERE to watch a clip from Phil Morrison's Speech May 28,2011